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All About mUvMethod at UDA

mUvmethod is a complete mind body movement system designed for dancers and athletes based on yoga, Pilates, fascial health, intuitive movement, meditation and mental training. It is for anyone and everyone who performs repetitive movements and is especially beneficial for dancers, athletes and all who seek to improve every aspect of their sport. The unique design and customized approach of our programs create more efficient, focused, strong, flexible and balanced dancers and athletes.

Our programs have evolved over two decades of working with, observing, and understanding how the body and mind work together. All classes target fascia and the autonomic nervous systems. These systems are responsible for such things as regulating stress and refining movement. They are primarily responsible for the control of posture, fluid movement and joint health. The results of our approach are increased strength, flexibility, joint mobility, endurance and balance. Our movement system offers a much needed break from the stress, strain and tension that high level training and repetitive movements have on the body. Students are left with a new found ability to meet the technically challenging aspects of dynamic movement with ease, free from pain and injury..

The benefits of mUvmethod are not only physical. Classes are designed to take dancers and athletes through stages of mental and emotional growth. The results are increased confidence, focus, resilience, self acceptance, creativity and an enhanced ability to perform under stress.