Cowabunga Bay

Student Appreciation Celebration

Cowbunga Bay - Monday, June 12th, 2017 - 6-9 PM

Free Admission for UDA Families

To show our thanks to our wonderful UDA Students and Families, we invite you to join us for the Appreciation Celebration at Cowabunga Bay! Besides a lot of swimming and water slides, we will have a “UDA Red Carpet Event” at 7 pm where we announce numerous awards and achievements, including People's Choice Awards, Most Improved Dancer, Lisa Well's Scholarship Awards and Dancer of the Year! Don't miss it!

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Congratulations to This Last Years Winners!!

  • Teacher of the Year: Marcia McCutchan
  • Dancer of the Year: Brooke Christiansen
  • Most Improved Dancer: Morgan Workman
  • Lisa Wells Scholarship Recipients:

    • Alissia Diener - $1600
    • Alexis Toledo - $1200
    • Morgan Workman - $800
  • People's Choice Awards - "That's A First!"
  • Friday BLUE Show - 7pm

    • 1st Place - First Child
      Pre-K/Kinder Ballet - Wednesday - Draper
      Choreographed by Nicole Maughan
    • 2nd Place - First Visit From the Tooth Fairy
      Pre-K/Kinder Ballet - Tuesday - Draper
      Choreographed by Marissa Gwilliam
    • 3rd Place - First Time Playing Make Believe
      Pre-K/Kinder Ballet - Tuesday - South Jordan
      Choreographed by Brooke Odell
  • Saturday GREEN Show - 10am

    • 1st Place - First Concert
      Jazz Level 2 - Thursday
      Choreographed by Sarah Hathorne
    • 2nd Place - First Letter in the Mail
      Tap Level 3-4
      Choreographed by Haley Nelson
    • 3rd Place - First Day of School
      Hip Hop Level 1-2
      Choreographed by Kira Phillips
  • Saturday ORANGE Show - 2pm

    • 1st Place - First Time Cooking on My Own
      Intermediate Tap
      Choreographed by Haley Nelson
    • 2nd Place - First Science Experiment
      Teen A Jazz
      Choreographed by Sarah Hathorne
    • 3rd Place - First Time on My Own
      Ballet Level 5-6 - Thursday
      Choreographed by Marcia McCutchan
  • Saturday PURPLE Show 7pm

    • 1st Place - First Time Doing Chores
      Advanced Tap
      Choreographed by Haley Nelson
    • 2nd Place - First Time I Remember
      Beginning/Intermediate Pointe - Thursday
      Choreographed by Kaelynne Oliphant
    • 3rd Place - First Swan Lake
      Intermediate A1 Ballet
      Choreographed by Paul Murphy