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All About Varsity Teams

VARSITY – teams for dancers who will be in the 1st – 12th grades. The Varsity Program is an intermediate level competitive program. Varsity is for dancers whose main goal is to make their high school drill team or dance company. Dancers will study technique, precision and acro; emphasizing performance and entertainment. *Dancers who have never been on a competitive team should audition for Varsity even if they have dance goals beyond high school. Dancers in the Varsity program are invited to audition for the Conservatory Program when they are considered an advanced level competitor.

Our Varsity Program is divided into five levels of participation:

  • Petite Teams (Platinum & Diamond) - Level 1 and 2 Dancers (1st - 3rd Graders)
  • Mini Team - Level 3 and 4 Dancers (3rd - 5th Graders)
  • Junior Team - Level 5 and 6 Dancers (5th - 7th Graders)
  • Teen Team - Intermediate Level Dancers (7th - 9th Graders)
  • Senior Team - Intermediate Level Dancers (9th - 12th Graders)

Would you like to learn more about our Varsity Program? Join us on March 31st from 6:30-7:30pm at the South Jordan Studio. You will have a chance to meet the Director, ask questions, and understand more about this wonderful program UDA has to offer! *We will still be holding another Varsity meeting at the Draper Studio on May 10th AT 6:00pm. This particular meeting, on March 31st, is to provide information for those who haven't been part of the Varsity Program in the past, SPECIFICALLY THE SOUTH JORDAN UDA PARENTS. WE INVITE THOSE INTERESTED TO ATTEND COMPETITIONS (April 8th @ Taylorsville High School or April 29th @ Kingsbury Hall) AND THE STARRY NIGHT SHOW ON MAY 6th IF THEY WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE VARSITY DANCERS PERFORM.