Technical Advice for Dancers

Dancers in Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten Classes

The two most important classes for dancers in preschool, Pre-K and kindergarten are Tap and Ballet.

  • Tap is essential as it is a dance form that helps the young dancer with coordination, rhythm, timing and musicality; giving a child a music foundation which is essential for all forms of dance.

  • Ballet helps instill etiquette such as listening, following instructions and being respectful to others. Pre-ballet fundamentals and exercises are taught to increase creativity, flexibility, concentration and focus; providing a strong foundation for continued dance education at Utah Dance Artists.

  • Tap and jazz are combined together in a combo class for this age is because jazz is usually the more popular genre that parents want their young dancer to take; however, tap serves as the more important and critical building block for preschool aged children.

  • Additional dance classes that are available for dancers at this age: Hip Hop, Acro/Tumbing and Fit Kids.