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260+ FALL CLASSES each week to choose from!

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Utah Dance Artists develops artistry technique confidence in dancers.

Important Dates

December 1st

Costume Deposit Due with Tuition
$40 Each Costume

December 22nd - January 2nd

Winter Break - No Classes

January 3rd

Classes Resume

January 15th

Civil Rights Day - No Classes

January 20th

Last Day to Enroll in a Performance Class

February 1st

Costume Balance Due with Tuition

February 19th

President's Day - No Classes

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What Clients Say

  • My daughter, Lexie, has been taking dance for the past 9 years at Utah Dance Artists. She has taken a variety of classes ranging from Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern. I have been so pleased with her dance education at UDA. There is a very positive atmosphere that allows dancers of all levels to progress and achieve their goals. They have taught her not only to dance, but to work hard, to have confidence under pressure, and how to be a great performer. UDA has played a big part in helping Lexie grow in so many ways. Thank you so much!

    Kathy DavisParent

  • I love the staff. They make my daughters feel loved and an important part of the dance class. They always encourage my daughters to do their best and to improve. Dance at UDA has improved my daughters self confidence and self-esteem and that makes it all worth it for me.

    Karen JensenParent

    UDA is well organized, has talented instructors, and is reasonably priced.

    Julian CzechParent

  • I appreciate how kind and personable Brooke Maxwell (owner) is to her students and parents. We have been at other studios and never before have we been treated with such love, kindness, and friendliness by the studio owner. She knows my name and my children. I have been so appreciative of this. I’m not made to feel like I’m bothering her if I have a question. I can feel that she truly loves and cares about her students and their families.


  • Great place to get a good foundation for technique and performing skills.

    Nicole WatsonParent

    Fabulous, wonderful, a mix between professional teachings and fun to keep the preschooler entertained; and lots of technique to start my little dancer down the right path.

    Cami ScottParent

  • My parents have now been to four granddaughters’ recitals and were greatly impressed with tonight’s UDA recital, far more than the others. We all agreed; no babies, no cameras, no grabbing your kid after their number and leaving, no one standing in front of you, no lame MC . . . . all things that were present in other performances and are so annoying. I loved the classiness and the professional show that was put on. And love the uniformity.


  • Dance can sometimes be a poor environment for girls. At UDA there is always a positive feeling; costumes and music are appropriate and still trendy and fun.


    UDA is high level dance studio that teaches and emphasizes correct technique in a very organized fashion from the very youngest classes up.

    Miki EberhardtParent

  • UDA is a great studio for kids, and especially for families who are seriously looking into a future in dancing for their children. Although the teachers are great and fun, there is more seriousness in the classes and especially in the recital experience than most studios. I absolutely love it because we would love for our dancer to one day be involved in dance when she is older and this studio is the best place for her to start.

    Marilei PuentesParent

  • UDA is high class, professional, strict, focused on technique, expensive, and no fluff (which we appreciate).

    Aalyna Suker Parent

    The instructors are amazing. The costumes are modest and reasonably priced. The recitals are always very professional and well organized. My daughters feel comfortable and accepted there. I feel that my daughters are taught proper technique and dance etiquette.

    Karen Jensen Parent

  • Great teachers, quality experience, reasonably priced many different classes to choose from, convenient location. My kids have loved it here!

    Melanie Jones Parent

    UDA focuses on technique while still allowing the girls to have fun.

    Deborah Hibbert Parent

  • The teachers really care about the kids in their classes. They are very professional and are passionate about dancing.

    Catten Parent

    UDA is a fantastic dance studio that teaches technique first so that children have the essential building blocks of good dance ability. I love everything that UDA offers to my girls, they are caring and the girls know that the instructors care about their emotional well-being. My girls get top notch instruction and their recitals are excellent and well organized.

    Johnston Parent

  • UDA is the best studio in the Salt Lake Valley! You won’t find another studio that has the same level of professionalism, quality teachers, and organization. I would also say that if your child is serious about dancing as a career in the future then this is the studio you’d want to be at.

    Carrie Kennicott Parent

    They are professional and very committed to each girl and boy that attends UDA and the staff is very passionate about what they do.

    Terri Wyatt Parent

  • UDA is a school run by warm and friendly staff, with emphasis on technical correctness and personal interest in the students’ progress and learning.

    Liese Lynch Parent

    Emma loves dance at UDA. She is learning to work hard, listen to teachers, as well as getting a good dance education. She has great friends both young and old and I think dance is adding a lot to her childhood. It has overall been a very positive experience.

    Becky Pierce Parent

  • This is a faculty to be envied by any other dance studios!

    Thomson Parent

    My favorite thing about UDA is that my girls LOVE to dance and the instructors, staff, directress, etc. have gone out of their way to make it a positive learning experience for them. I like the PEEPs program – the girls really like to perform and this gives them an outlet for that which in turn keeps them excited about attending classes.

    Heather Stewart Parent

  • In regards to the recital experience, I felt like you have the recital behind the scenes down to a science. It is very organized and seems to run very well.

    Andrea Dilley Parent

    The recital was so great! I could tell you all were a little stressed and relieved to have it over, but I thought it went very smoothly on my end. You guys do a phenomenal job. I love love how organized and on top of it all you guys are.

    Enger Parent

  • In regards to communication, UDA understands any questions I’ve had about our account. They have a full understanding about what will be taught/is being taught. If they don’t know the answer they make an effort to find it.

    Linda Smith Parent

    You guys are really have it together. You never miss a detail getting e-mailed out. UDA has very effective at communicating.

    Julie Jex Parent

  • My favorite thing about UDA is the organization, genuine regard for dancer’s feelings and parent’s feelings. Teach the fundamentals and how to improve each year.

    Jamie Christensen Parent

    I love how professional the recital is. I have been to other recitals that kids are running around, the parents are going back and forth to backstage, just total chaos. I don’t mind paying a little more to get a good recital.

    Lauren Randall Parent

  • I just wanted to thank you personally for the many great years we have had at UDA. It seems strange to think that we will not be part of UDA for a little while. The girls are going to miss UDA so much!! Our story began with UDA in 2007 when McKay was in 3rd grade. Dance has been a wonderful outlet for McKay and Holland. They are stronger, kinder, happier and just better people because of the principles that are taught at UDA. I love how they are not only taught how to dance, but how to be a better person. They have had so many role models at UDA from your faculty as well. I appreciate all that you do to make UDA a home away from home for my daughters. We will miss you and wish you the best with the new expansion and hope to see you when we return to the area in a few years.

    Brenda GreenParent

  • A great dance studio! UDA is very professional and organized with great instructors and great communication with parents. I feel like they really know and care about my child.

    Jessica AldermanParent

    I love that you are teaching my daughter correct technique. I love that she has the opportunity to advance. We’ve spent way too many years in “neighborhood” studios with not much to show for it. What a waste of time and money. I love that UDA is not like that.